Unipolar Radio Frequency (RF008)

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Influenced by a high frequent electromagnetic field of mono RF, water molecule in human body are wagging and shaking with high speed, as a result, heat can be produced by the friction between water. Passing through body impedance, the electricity produce heat and the highest temperature occurs several millimeters under dermis with no harm.

This newly deposited connective tissue matrix may be used to strengthen the natural fibrous layer between the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Adipose tissue is highly sensitive to blood flow. The thermally-induced hyperemia caused by the Unipolar RF field increases blood flow and the release of free fatty acids (FFA) to a local adipose tissue bed and may increase lipolysis stimulating catecholamines available in the local area, thus promoting release of FFA into the bloodstream. Because of the thermal trauma to the fat cells, triglycerides may be released from the fat cells. These triglycerides are likely broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol by the enzyme lipoprotein lipase (LPL). The free fatty acids (water insoluble) bind to albumin and are slowly transported to the liver. Glycerol (water soluble) is transported to the liver via the interstitial fluid compartments tissue fluids and blood fluid.

Cellulite treatment

1) stimulate fibroblast and new collagen growth
2) stimulate the blood circulation and fat drainage to lymph system.
3) the decompose of fatty acid and thermal effect contribute the death of the lipocyte.
The deeper RF field of the Unipolar causes tightening of the fibrous layer of tissue at the interface between the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue, thus promoting reduction in cellulite symptoms. Controlled thermal injury may result in tissue shrinkage followed by an inflammatory response accompanied by the migration of fibroblasts into the area. The intentional and directed infiltration of fibroblasts to the thin layer of tissue, including the interface, may be used to reinforce its structural integrity, resulting in amelioration or elimination of the subdermal fat protrusion that causes skin bulging. The area is reinforced with additional connective tissue deposits as part of the tissue repair and healing phase. This phase is followed by a period of maturation of the newly deposited connective tissue, thereby resulting in contracture and tightening of the injured tissues and the tissue overlying the dermis-epidermis interface.

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Unipolar Radio Frequency (RF008)
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